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About Art Therapy

  •  Art Therapy is a therapeutic and creative process involving a therapist and client(s) working together with the support of artistic mediums such as paint, drawing and sculpture.

  • Art therapists are trained professionals who assist in healing work in a variety of settings such as private practice, schools, mental health institutions, hospitals, and community organizations.

  • Art therapy is used as a tool for self-exploration, self-expression and personal development, and has the potential to help clients with mental health concerns work towards their therapeutic goals and develop coping skills.

  • Examples of issues explored in therapy could include: self-esteem, anxiety, trauma, addictions, conflict, violence, developmental issues, and depression. Art Therapists can assist individuals of all ages and abilities as well as work with groups, families and couples. 

  • Furthermore, no artistic experience or skills are needed in order to benefit from art therapy.




To learn more about art therapy services and workshops, please contact 

Prairie Art Therapy by phone or email. Sessions can be done both in-person and virtually.

***At this time, Vanya is only accepting new referrals over 18 years of age.

For individual art therapy, or group sessions, please book here:

For addictions counselling, please book here:

Vanya Hanson

Vanya is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and and a registered creative art therapist who received her Masters level training from Concordia University. She is a professional member the Canadian Art Therapy Association and the Canadian Counselling  & Psychotherapy Association. Vanya, who is the founder of Prairie Art Therapy,  provides a warm, empathetic and creative approach with every client she meets. She finds art to be extremely beneficial in her work with youth and adults with mental health issues and/or developmental disabilities.  Art  is a vehicle that brings about changes that are powerful, supportive and practical. Her more recent work has been with indigenous peoples with a focus on interventions that address trauma, collective healing, personal agency and self-esteem building.

Community Art Therapy

One of Vanya's projects includes establishing the Eastmain Art Hive in the Cree Nation of Eastmain. The Eastmain Art Hive is a gathering space for community members to engage in traditional Arts and Crafts, and have use of free art materials. The Art Hive partners with local organizations to work on projects that involve art, culture, mental health and wellness.

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